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[Coming soon] PlayDetective: Heartbreakers for Macintosh

I am finalizing the port of PlayDetective: Heartbreakers to Mac OS X (Macintosh). I expect it to be ready within two weeks.
Here are some screenshots (click to view larger version):

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PlayDetective: Heartbreakers, The Russian version

Yes I know, it’s been a while since my last post. The are several reasons for that:

1 - I have been (and I am still) very busy at my daytime job.

2 - At the request of some potential publishers, I have been making some modifications to the gameplay, and it requires a lot of work since each publisher want me to modify the gameplay in a different way.

3 - I have been busy, localizing PlayDetective to Russian.
I have got a retail + online publishing deal with a company called Noviy Disk.
If things go well, the game will be released on the Russian and CIS markets in March.

Click on the following image to see a larger screenshot:


Kayo Games Launches PlayDetective: Heartbreakers for PC

Kayo Games today announced the launch of PlayDetective: Heartbreakers, their new detective adventure game, which is now available for PC download.

PlayDetective: Heartbreakers puts you in the gumshoes of a private investigator as he investigates a series of infidelity cases. Conduct surveillance using a range of tools and gadgets, collect and analyze evidence, and solve mind-bending puzzles. Anything to make sure you get your man… or woman.

A wayward husband who can’t seem to stay out of the clubs in the seedier parts of town? A girlfriend who seems to be getting a little too close to her boss at work? Or just a concerned wife who needs a little reassurance that her partner only has eyes for her? It’s all in a day’s work for this detective.

Whether you take a direct approach and interview your suspects and gauge their responses on your lie detector, or just while away the hours playing some classic games at your local casino while your phone taps do your work for you, it’s down to you.

You can download a trial version of Kayo Games’ PlayDetective: Heartbreakers absolutely free from ,
So what are you waiting for?

Features include:

• Investigate 15 unique cases, each packed with more locations, games and intrigue than the last.

• Eavesdrop using phone tapping devices or use your trusty camera and zoom lens to catch your suspects in the act.

• Recover deleted text messages and piece them together to form evidence for or against your suspect.

• Conduct polygraph (lie detector) tests during interviews to unearth the truth.

• Play a selection of classic sub-games to earn cash which will aid you in your investigations.

• Buy and sell investigation gadgets – the tools of your trade.

• Confront suspects during the tense moment when you catch them in the act with their lovers.

For more information and to try PlayDetective: Heartbreakers for yourself visit .

NOTE TO EDITORS, JOURNALISTS AND BLOGGERS: A free registration key for a review is available upon request. Contact us for more information or to request a registration key.

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PlayDetective on YouTube!

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Upcoming release

Hi All,
I am planning to release the PC version of my game PlayDetective:Heartbreakers in March 2007 (this month).
The exact date has not been fixed yet.

I am first planning to release a demo version, get feedback from players, make some minor modifications based on the feedback and then release the full version.

I am currently updating the game’s web site at

I have also (re)setup a forum to discuss the game. The forum is currently ‘open’, meaning that you don’t need to register before posting.

Please feel free to post any comment or question you might have.

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Lie detector mini-game for PlayDetective

I am currently implementing a “Lie detector” (a.k.a polygraph) mini-game in my upcoming game PlayDetective.
I have never been submitted to a polygraph test :D , so the gameplay is based on what I see in movies and read on the net.
It works this way: you have a game character that you interrogate, the questions are picked by the computer, and can only be answered by YES or NO.
Your goal is to detect when the character lies or says the truth.
The interrogation procedure work as follow:

1 – The first question is a ‘truth’ control question (the character will always tell the truth).
You must observe the charts and see how they behave.

2 – The second question is a ‘lie’ control question (the character will lie).
You must observe the charts to see how they behave when the character is lying.

3 – The actual test starts, the computer ask several questions, the character replies to each of them and for every question, you just have to guess if it is true or false (the time is limited).
At the end of the test your earn money based on you success rate.


Here is a YouTube video:
You can also download the full-size video here:…/polygraph.avi

The same post on

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PlayDetective: Heartbreakers 1.0, initial feedback

Based on the feedback I got after releasing a demo of PlayDetective last October, I decided to look for an artist that will help me improve the game (

I have already found one (talented) artist for the UI, but I am still undecided on how to proceed with the avatars. A cheap solution will consist of buying stock images from and use a tool like GIMP to retouch them.

I am also implementing a “Lie detector” mini-game for PlayDetective.
I will post new screenshots and videos pretty as soon.


The official demo version of ‘PlayDetective: HeartBreakers’ is out

I have finally managed to complete the demo version of the game.
The official site is there you can find the latest screenshots and a video of the game. The demo version can also be downloaded from there.

Please try the game and post your comments here.


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PlayDetective on

I have also posted a feedback request on, Here is a link to the thread:

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Announcing PlayDetective: Heartbreakers 1.0

Well, it’s been a while since my last post :) .

So here is the current status:”Mafia Eldorado” has been put on the hold ( not abandoned ), I just decided to spend more time on the second game I was working on.

The game is called “PlayDetective: Heartbreakers”. It is an adventure game where you play the role of a private detective investigating infidelity in relationships.

The game was designed to be multi-platform, and is expected to be ported to Windows, Mac, Pocket PC, PalmOS, Symbian and BREW.

The game is in beta phase. So what I currently need is some kind of feedback.

Here is a link to a video of the game. The video is not smooth and has a poor quality. In fact it is just a preview of the game, the most important part of the gameplay is not shown in this video.

Here are the screenshots:

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