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Game screenshots

Here are some early screenshots of “Mafia Eldorado”, a game I am currently working on. It’s an action game ala GTA. The screenshots were taken on a N-Gage QD device, and they mainly show some parts of the game UI.

I am currently focusing on designing and implementing the gameplay, polishing some tools like the map editor.

More screenshots to follow :) .

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Design Document

I have started to apply in my games what I read in the Game Design: Theory & Practice Book by Richard Rouse III.

I am currently writing the design document, and I will upload a copy here as soon as I have something in good shape.


Isometric engine

Just to share with you a screenshot of an Isometric engine I am developing.

This engine powers the games I am currently working on. It’s written in ANSI C and is very fast.

I have tested it on Windows, Symbian OS and WinCE.