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I am back

Well, I am back after a long silence…

Since my last post a lot of things happened.

One of the most important thing is that I have refactored my game framework. I was previously trying to “reinvent the wheel” by writing from scratch things like the GUI framework or the data structure library.

I am now using existing solutions like Microwindows( Nano-X ) + FLTK for the GUI, MemSL for the data structures, SQLite as the data base engine, Lua for scripting, Parsifal for XML parsing, SAL as the audio engine.

The integration of MemSL, Lua, Parsifal and SQLite in my framework was very straightforward since they are all implemented in ANSI C.

Integrating Microwindows was just a matter of writing display, mouse and screen drivers for the target platforms which in my case are Win32/WinCE, Palm OS and Symbian OS.

Integrating SAL was just a matter of writing a backend for Symbian OS’ Audio streaming API and speed-optimizing the whole library.

I will probably post some screenshots as soon as I get something interesting :) .

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