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Lie detector mini-game for PlayDetective

I am currently implementing a “Lie detector” (a.k.a polygraph) mini-game in my upcoming game PlayDetective.
I have never been submitted to a polygraph test :D , so the gameplay is based on what I see in movies and read on the net.
It works this way: you have a game character that you interrogate, the questions are picked by the computer, and can only be answered by YES or NO.
Your goal is to detect when the character lies or says the truth.
The interrogation procedure work as follow:

1 – The first question is a ‘truth’ control question (the character will always tell the truth).
You must observe the charts and see how they behave.

2 – The second question is a ‘lie’ control question (the character will lie).
You must observe the charts to see how they behave when the character is lying.

3 – The actual test starts, the computer ask several questions, the character replies to each of them and for every question, you just have to guess if it is true or false (the time is limited).
At the end of the test your earn money based on you success rate.


Here is a YouTube video:
You can also download the full-size video here:…/polygraph.avi

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PlayDetective: Heartbreakers 1.0, initial feedback

Based on the feedback I got after releasing a demo of PlayDetective last October, I decided to look for an artist that will help me improve the game (

I have already found one (talented) artist for the UI, but I am still undecided on how to proceed with the avatars. A cheap solution will consist of buying stock images from and use a tool like GIMP to retouch them.

I am also implementing a “Lie detector” mini-game for PlayDetective.
I will post new screenshots and videos pretty as soon.